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In the lab, on the manufacturing floor or in the field you can quickly verify correct design operation and compliance to standards using a Tektronix portable MPEG Generator. A suite of test streams are provided on all MPEG generators and you can add Multiplexer software to create a complete stream creation and generation tool set to support a variety of applications.

Simulation of Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Transmission
Integrated IPTV and Video Over IP Parametric Stream Generation with Support for IPv6
Migration from RF to IP interface technology
Hybrid STB testing with time stamped transport streams
ISDB-T & ISDB-TB consumer receiver design, manufacturing test and professional equipment evaluation
Performance verification of ISDB-T & ISDB-TB systems
Performance verification of MPEG systems

Models in the MPEG Generator Series:
Model TC
Generation > Yes
Record No
Network Interfaces No
Network Management No
Multiplex Layers Transport Stream
Form factor Software
Audio Standards MPEG-1, AC-3
Video Standards MPEG-2, DVB, ATSC, H.264/AVC
Features Benefits
Single box solution with multiple interface types Saves complexity, reduces capital cost and logistical overhead of multi-box solutions
Common user interface across multiple interface types Improves time to market for new products through user experience consistency and convenience
Continuous looping with timing information and continuity updates Provides reliable seamless playout of stored test streams at the TS layer to ensure robust design quality of products
Stress test capabilities Ensure designs are reliable on real world networks by simulating varying QoS scenarios
Support for key emerging IPTV standards Future proofs investment
Tclips, a comprehensive suite of test streams included and optional Multiplexer application available Speeds design validation by providing a complete stream creation and generation toolkit
Integrated modulator, up converter and MPEG Generator in a single instrument (RTX100B only) Interfaces directly to a STB - saves complexity, reduces capital cost and logistical overhead of multi box solutions
Compact portable solution Engineers can easily take to transmission sites and quickly exercise network and consumer equipment
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