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Full Reference Picture Quality Analyzers to Improve Your Video Quality

The true measure of any television system is viewer satisfaction. Based on the concepts of the human vision model, Tektronix Picture Quality Analyzers provide a suite of repeatable, objective quality measurements that closely correspond with subjective human visual assessment.

Picture Quality Analyzers are used for the design, evaluation and test of the encoding, transcoding and decoding processes. HDMI testing is critical in today’s consumer electronics like Set Top Boxes and Blu-Ray players which output video through an HDMI interface with HDCP encryption. The PQA600A uniquely decodes the HDCP protocol, and enables video quality performance comparisons on a range of consumer electronics.

They can also be used for installation, verification and trouble-shooting of each block of a video system because it is video technology agnostic; any visible differences between video input and output from processing components in the system chain can be quantified and assessed for video quality degradation.

Models in the Picture Quality Analyzers Series:
Model Features Generator Form Factor
PQA600A Multi-resolution/Frame-rate Support, Multi-results View Options,Embedded Reference Decoder, Automatic Temporal and Spatial Alignment,Script Execution (Batch Processing), Multiple Simultaneous ApplicationExecutions, Code Optimization Designated to the Platform - Tower PC
PQASW Software IP Video -
Features Benefits
Objective perceptual measurements based on an accurate human vision system model Ensure measurement results match viewers' subjective ratings
Achieve and verify differentiated picture quality with cost-effective and
     time-efficient repeatable assessments
Reduce the time and effort needed to detect, diagnose and correct
     picture quality problems
Optimize video processing algorithm performance
Clearly state the quality acceptance criteria for video products, systems
     or content
Easily share the conformance measurements and results throughout
     the organization or with suppliers
Attention modeling software and attention-weighted picture quality measurements Unique tools for optimizing video processing algorithms and video distribution systems
Measurements for artifact detection, artifact-weighted picture quality and classic PSNR Help isolate and correct quality problems and evaluate quality tradeoffs
Integrated graph display Easy interpretation of the graph along with reference, test and differential map
Segment-based auto temporal alignment Reduces manual operations in the measurement processes
Measure a region of interest Helps analyze the character of quality degradation
New pre-configured measurements Quick start with pre-configured measurements for standard applications
Embedded decoder Eliminates additional processes and external tools for measuring compressed files. Use the reference decoder (without post processing) to improve the picture quality while evaluating the performance of encoder
Advanced Measurements package (OPT ADV) Eases the integration of Picture Quality Analysis into existing testing environments
IP Generation /Capture (OPT IP) Evaluate the performance of a video stream across an IP device, or across the transcoding process (SDI to IP)
HDMI with HDCP interface Evaluate the video quality of Set Top Boxes and Blu-Ray players
SD/HD/3G-SDI interface Generate and capture the video content with the highest broadcast quality format (1080p50/59)
Hardware format conversion Effectively evaluates the format conversion (e.g. SD to HD, and HD to SD)
Additional compression format support in embedded decoder Eliminates the need for external decoding tools for emerging compression formats
Side-by-Side / Wipe / Swap display with SDI/HDMI generation Enables the subjective evaluation of content